Divorce in Germany from abroad

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Do you want to get divorced from abroad? No problem! In most cases it is easy to make divorce via the online service of our law office. In any case, a court in Germany is responsible for your divorce if you or your spouse are German citizens. This is valid even if you both live abroad. No matter what country you live in, the online firm Twitting executes your divorce in Germany. The online law firm Twitting offers you:

♦ Divorce-as-cheap-as-possible-guaranteed!

♦ Full cost control

♦ Online Divorce Cost Calculator

♦ Representation in Germany

♦ Absolute confidentiality

In addition, the online law firm Twitting ensures that you do not need to travel to Germany for judicial divorce date, if you do not want.

Basically, the law requires that the spouse must present at the court. But there are exceptions of the rules. Thus, a written explanation of divorce and separation replace the personal interview. This statement must be certified by the German Embassy or the German Consulate. Also a notarization may be sufficient in some cases. Anyone who wants to get divorced in Germany needs a lawyer.

But even with a divorce from abroad you can save money. If you can generally make an agreement with your spouse you can manage only with one lawyer. But this is not the only one way to save money. Contact me for details:     

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• send an email to  info@twitting.eu

The online law firm Twitting is also busy for you on weekends! 

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